Friday, 16 October 2015

Drone Launchers: Research in Recent Years

Drone technology continues to be in the news as companies look at markets beyond defense to better utilize its possibilities. Nonetheless, the defense sector continues to be the key customer and orders are at their highest levels since the effectiveness of drones was validated in the battlefield. There has been a spate of development in drone launchers segment also. These products have made the machines mobile and operational from the front line itself.

Launchers negate the use of any airfield to launch the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This has given a push to the market as armed forces are realizing the utility of these machines being deployed by the forces at the front line. These units are more aware of the unfolding scenario and have a much better understanding of where the drones would be utilized best. They can quickly adapt the machines for use in areas that may have become the key factor within the last few minutes instead of relying on backup from the control lines situated much behind the conflict zone. This realistic, close-up view of the battlefield makes the UAVs highly effective for war and can turn the tide of combats that seemed unwinnable a few minutes ago.

The technology has advanced levels where the drone can now be launched from a backpack. The modular launcher can be assembled from its parts and the UAV fitted on the launcher and launched within a few minutes. In the continuous flux of the war zone, this speed saves lives and increases the chances of a positive outcome for even a small mobile force. The drone has also become smaller to maximize its usage potential.

The drone launchers being designed nowadays are more rugged and nearly fail-proof. They have also become highly user-friendly that allows anybody to use them effectively. This is ideal for skirmishes where anyone should be able to deploy the UAV if the designated person is unable to do so. Other factors such as performance in extreme conditions, all-weather deployment, reduced weight, quicker assembly and disassembly, integration of more control options, and additional features are being constantly upgraded by manufacturers.

The drone launcher technology is expected to continue its advancement as defense and related requirements make research units and manufacturing companies look at ways to make this technology better suited for the frontline as well as for overall battlefield control.

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